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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Questions as Prompts

In our last journaling meeting, we did a whole prompt on questions. For something like 5 minutes, we just wrote out all the questions we could think of. It was a fun activity and now we’ve got tons of new prompts to keep us going! There were many more than I’m including here simply because this is all I could write as people were reading. Pick one and write on it and see where it takes you.


  1. Who is your best cheerleader?
  2. What is your favorite spring memory?
  3. What does your best day look like?
  4. When have you regretted your lack of adventure?
  5. When do you learn to keep our thoughts inside?
  6. What does blue taste like?
  7. Why are we here?
  8. What is the purpose of human life?
  9. Why did we meet each other?
  10. Was there a purpose in our meeting?
  11. Where did you go?
  12. Who is he?
  13. Did it hurt when we separated?
  14. Do you remember?
  15. Do you care?
  16. What time is it?
  17. Does anyone like hominy?
  18. What does the color green mean to you?
  19. How long is a ‘little while’?
  20. What are you wearing?
  21. How do you look past a face?
  22. How do you reason with yourself?
  23. Do you sing in the car?
  24. Do you hear voices from the past singing along with you when you sing?
  25. Do you like to drive fast?
  26. Do you like the silence?
  27. What do you do in the silence?
  28. Do you try to make noise in the silence?
  29. What does it mean to say that too much of a good thing is not good?
  30. What is your favorite place to spend time alone?
  31. What kind of car would God drive?
  32. What sets your teeth on edge?
  33. How to you turn loose?
  34. Are we there yet?

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  1. wow great idea!!

    thanks so much for sharing :D