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Friday, April 23, 2010

New Writing Venue

Our writing group now has a new meeting venue. We met for the first time last night at Art and Soul, Muncie’s newest art gallery. Surrounded by the beauty, energy, and even haunting power of the paintings on display, we were in an environment rich with creative spirit and profound inspiration.

We were compelled to write about the artwork around us. In the process of writing, each of us experienced that mysterious, magical, and majestic thing that happens when hands and paper and pens are propelled by a force beyond our own selves and produces surprises that no one could have predicted.

The hairs on my arms stand up when I tell you that all muses were present!

I was exhausted by the time I got home. Mentally I was spent from a day of hard work, and physically I ached from too much sitting all day. But my spirit was dancing like the whole chorus line in an exuberant finale as creativity bubbled to the surface of my consciousness. Ideas were coming out of the tightly twisted mass of my brain and they were good – all of them! The muses wouldn’t let me sleep – I was high and in love.

Oh, to be submerged in the warm, gooey, organic ecstasy of human creativity and divine inspiration is what this life is all about! I am so fortunate to be right here, right now, and to share this time and space with these people!

It is well; it is well with my soul!

Art and Soul

Note: Photo provided by "Downtown Muncie"

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