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Monday, August 22, 2011

September Writing Contests

September Writing Contests

I found a couple of fun contests that I hope will inspire you to write and submit this month:
A 100 word story contest and a Humor contest.

Doesn’t that sound like a fun challenge? Actually, it reminds me of the kind of prompts we might do in our journaling group. The website has a great tips list to prompt you even more. 

So here’s my suggestion – get with some writing friends for an afternoon of writing to the prompt together and send in the results! Runner up prizes are $50, $100, and $150; the winner gets $500!

The Humor contest is accepting submissions now through September 30, 2011. Winners, finalists, semi-finalists and even honorable mentions will all be published in Humor Showcase, an online publication and the winner will receive $250.00! 

Reading some of the stories in Humor Showcase had me laughing out loud and triggered some of my own stories. I hope you will be inspired to submit your funny stories to this contest!

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