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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HUB update #2

It takes time to learn something new. What what’s to learn about HUB pages? It’s a website where you post articles you’ve written and then, based on how many people read your articles and click on the advertisements placed there by HUB, you eventually start earning some money.

Yes, this seems to be it in a nutshell. You can learn what subjects get more readers and you can learn how to write better HUBs. You can participate in the forums and learn strategies that work for fellow “hubbers”. You gain followers by doing this and you get to read lots of interesting articles as well.

OK, so what is there to learn? Am I making this more difficult than it needs to be? No, I don’t think so. Yet I struggle. I think that my struggle is with the time and effort involved versus the tangible reward. I don’t’ get a balance here. Something must be missing…. But what?

I’m just not convinced. I’m not convinced about my own purpose with HUB pages, and I feel that I just don’t get it. I mean, who is my audience? Do I even have one?? It seems that the purpose is to produce hundreds of articles in order to just be noticed. And then what? OK, so volume matters. This makes me feel like a machine spitting out articles as fast as I can. And quality matters, too, so that negates the quantity factor. Or is it just me – am I the only one who requires time to produce quality? I just don’t spit out quality very quickly.

Hmmm. Maybe what I’m saying then is that my approach to writing has to change. Maybe my whole philosophy of writing has to change. My belief in inspiration and creative flow is being challenged.

Yeah, I’m struggling, but I’m not ready yet to make any conclusions…

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