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Monday, January 18, 2010

Final HUB update

My original goal with my HUB challenge was to write and post at least five HUBs a week. I hoped that exposure on the internet through HUB pages would result in increased traffic and added followers on my blog. The challenge began with the idea that by writing HUBs, I would be able to increase traffic to my website and blog. A subsequent goal then was to get at least 20 new followers on my blog. The time duration for this challenge was five weeks.

Soon after I got started, however, I got side-tracked by also writing articles for Associated Content. I managed to crank out a minimum of five articles each week, but not a total of five solely for HUB publication.

Well, I averaged four HUBs for a total of 16 during the challenge. I battled myself the whole time however, with the question of purpose. I was doubtful that HUB writing would result in more followers on my blog. Self-sabotage from the start, and no, I didn’t get 20 followers during that time period. I thought I could avoid philosophical, theoretical and existential questioning for at least 4 weeks! I thought I could just shoot for the goal of production – pure and simple, but I couldn’t; I battled the questions all the way.

My conclusion at this point in time is that publishing on the internet is an important aspect of gaining a following on a blog, but not necessarily the most important. One outlet is not necessarily more important than any other, but rather as important as others. In other words, I think it is necessary to diversify your avenues. Hmm, it seems I’ve come full circle because I started the HUB challenge because I was feeling overwhelmed with all my diversity…

I think I found a happy medium, at least for now. Here is my conclusion:

Yes, write HUBs and publish them; do it regularly. But also write articles and publish them on article directories. In addition, write and publish on other sites for writers as well. And there’s more – write blog posts, comment on the blogs you follow, and write for contests… really, the list of opportunities goes on and on. The point is this: write regularly. Then diversify your product. Bulking it all in one place is not necessary.

I started the HUB challenge for myself because I felt I was spreading myself too thinly – trying to do some of everything and not enough of anything. What I have learned from this experience is that it is important to be steady and consistent in my production of good articles. I have also been able to hone in on a few of my choice sites for publishing my work which has freed me from the chaotic feeling of needing to do it all and send it everywhere. I am not limiting myself to HUBs or Associated Content or working for my clients, or any other one outlet; instead I am producing more on a regular basis than I was before I started this challenge.

Like most things in life, I didn’t get what I expected from doing that experiment, but I did get something unexpected and ultimately, very valuable. I believe that consistency and persistence is really the way to practice my craft and eventually gain followers on my blog. I think the key there, is in the word eventually.

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