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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Freelance Writer's Success Story

A Freelance Writer’s Success Story

I’ve been a writer all my life. It was both a passion and a compulsion. I had to write. For many years, I tried to make it as a writer while working another job, my “real” job, but each got in the way of the other. I finally decided that I needed to focus 100% on my writing and find a way for it to pay my bills so I could write compulsively and pursue the passion to find creative expression. I took three steps to establish myself as a successful freelance writer: 1) built a repertoire of published articles to my name using online opportunities; 2) I bid on jobs to develop clientele; and 3) got hired by an online company that provides articles to big publishing companies.

Build a Name and Reputation

First I got a repertoire of published articles under my name by writing for various article directories. This afforded me lots of on-the-job-training as I learned how to write to specific criteria. I also improved my research skills. This step in becoming a successful freelance writer was crucial as it led me to a better understanding of today’s market while giving me lots of practice which then turned into confidence.

Article directories are online sites where there are literally thousands of articles about every imaginable subject. Monetary reward is not the purpose of writing and publishing on article directories; exposure and getting a name and reputation for yourself as a writer is the goal at this stage. Some of the top article directories are and

Bid on Writing Jobs and Projects

Next, I signed up on websites for freelance writers where I could bid on jobs. People looking for writers visit these sites and post their projects and requests. Then, writers bid on the jobs. You have to register and create a profile to do this. Average bids run from $2.00 - $6.00. I could refer potential clients to my articles in the article directories for examples of my work. By doing this, I began to build my clientele while at the same time, continuing to expand my experience, expertise, and confidence. For example, by working with clients and tailoring my writing to fit their needs, I learned about Search Engine Optimized (SEO) vocabulary along with many other terms and concepts pertinent to online writing.

Clients rate the writer’s work at the end of the project on these sites and I got good ratings which in turn, led to more clients.

Secure a Position with a Company to Insure Steady Work

Finally, I applied to work for an online company that provides articles for established clients in the publishing industry, particularly online publishing. Most of their clients are article providers or online magazines; they all have a need for a massive quantity of articles. The company provides a list of titles that their writers can browse through and claim. Payment is prompt and often, so I can do as much or as little as I want.

By writing articles for clients, I am able to be a successful freelance writer doing what I love to do and still be able to pay my bills. I create my own schedule and workload, so I can create time for my own personal writing as well.

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