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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mind Harnessing Strategy #1

I recently wrote about the mind explosions I often experience in the mornings. It feels like I’m being so bombarded with creative ideas that I am in a state of major overload. An in the manic high that often greets me with the rising sun, I am absolutely convinced that every one of those ideas is a rare gem that I have to harvest from the walls of my mind and polish into the ever-ellusive masterpiece.

While the experience excites me, it also kind of disturbs me because I am simply not capable of extracting every single one of them and spinning them all into the diamonds they promise to become. So I’ve been thinking about the idea of harnessing my mind.

I’m not sure that is the best way to describe what I’m thinking of, but I sure don’t want to use the word “discipline”. So for now, mind harnessing will have to suffice.

Here is one strategy that settled on my consciousness one cold, snowy afternoon:

Write wildly and eclectically to capture ideas with no reason and no intent. Just grab and run. Do this by writing whatever you see and think; do this as a collection of random words and occasional snippets of more complete ideas, but don’t worry if nothing becomes complete. If time allows, change colors, but don’t be so concerned about writing in different colors for every different idea that you stop the flow of thoughts.

All of these things can be returned to later and explored as writing prompts. Beware of course, that later the original potential will be dissipated. Let go of that with the belief that whatever comes later is what was really supposed to come anyway.
Note that this strategy has to be prefaced with an understanding that even though the onslaught of ideas feels so fantastic and incredible, the result on paper will be puny and insignificant by comparison. Maybe, just maybe, by writing frantically in the midst of a mind explosion, you can experience the whirl wind in a new, more holistic way. Maybe by capturing bits and pieces here and there, you will feel the joy of dancing in a midsummer rainfall. Maybe jumping in with pen and paper will allow you to feel every cell in your body saturated with a creative quiver. Ooh! That sounds electrifying! I think this is a strategy certainly worth exploring!

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