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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mind Harnessing Strategy #2

The first strategy I came up with was rather eclectic and running on the high energy of a mind explosion. This second strategy is more subdued by comparison. It may require less coffee than the first strategy, and more control of conscious decision-making. (I know, I’m getting awfully close to the concept of “discipline” but think of it as a choice to grow, not to close anything off..)

OK. Here it is:

Take on the role of observer. Sit back and watch the thoughts and they appear. Just watch. Settle down and watch them dance around in front of your eyes. Smile at them. See which ones call your attention to them longer than the others. Follow one or two of them as they present their potential. Don’t worry about trying to capture them just yet; just watch and follow them with your mind.

When you have observed a bit, begin to jot down some ideas, images, impressions, whatever comes to mind. As other thoughts that are not relevant to the one or two that you chose come into focus, just let them come and let them go. Don’t stress over how incredibly fantastic they are because unless they grab you with an unreleasing grip, this simply isn’t their time. Even great things can be distractions when their timing is off, and when you are in the throes of a mind explosion, everything is great, and therefore, everything has the potential to distract and destroy. So let them go. You do not need to force them off the edges of consciousness or chase them away, just let them go.

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