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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Online Group Opportunity: The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron: I love that book! Some of the things I gained from my own experience with the book are now a part of my creative rituals and soul-nurturing activities. “Cameron outlines a twelve week/twelve step program for unblocking your creativity. It involves morning pages, artists’ dates, and different exercises and practices” (Linda Johnson). The book really lends itself to group work, though you can certainly do it alone. Most people I know who have read this book always say that they wish they could have done it with other writers, painters, dancers, … artists. So here is your opportunity:
Thanks to my friend, Linda, for pointing me to this blog where a new on-line group is forming on October first. Just check out the link and leave a comment to sign yourself up. I think it will be well worth your time – one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself. 


  1. I am loosely going through it now, I will check out the group, I love the book and Julia Cameron, too. Started writing my novel thanks to media deprivation week! :)

  2. Thanks for posting this. You made me realize that I could post this on my blog too--not just send it as a memo to our writer friends. So I just did!