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Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Online Presence

At the Kentucky Women Writer’s Conference there was much discussion about a writer’s online presence. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and forums were the tools most talked about. I have also been at the edge of many conversations about article writing and article marketing, other online avenues for building repertoire as well as establishing your online presence. Then last night I attended a program at the university that featured a conversation between comedian David Letterman and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Twitter. I have an account but haven’t used it in months…. Well, now I am re-inspired to spend some time with it once again.

Little by little layers of the whole online trend of society are being revealed to me. And I do mean little by little. On the one hand, it is complicated and amazing; on the other, it is overwhelming and intimidating. And yet, every now and then, I step out of myself and release all the words about it that clog up my brain. It is then that I realize that establishing an online presence does not require mastery of any of it. It is a process and we just have to putter around in it and get some feel for it that fits on a personal level. We can’t freak out over the speed at which technology is growing because unless you are 20-something, you simply won’t catch up or keep up. So just putter a bit. That’s OK!

The bottom line is this: writers do need to have an online presence.

You have to be familiar with the various tools because editors and publishers use them and expect you to be able to use them as well. Your readers may like to linger in bookstores, but that alone isn’t enough. There is a dramatic shift in what, where, and how we read and that shift is going online. None of us can stop that. So you need to join in, at least on some level. Connect with established fans and potential readers through one or more of these tools. Maybe eventually you will use them all and even more, but for now, just start.

Finally, keep in mind that you need to find a balance between constantly learning and doing and just being where you are in it all at this moment. Push and glide; push and glide. You will get there.
Today is a push day for me, how about you? 


  1. Oh FaceBook and Twitter, the bane of my existance. I don't know how to use either but know that I will have to. I hate this modern technology but also know it's uber-important in today's world.

    Too bad my daughter wasn't old enough. I'd make her do all my FB stuff.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean, and yet, I am starting so sort of see the vision... Well, keep checking back because I'm sure to be writing more about it.

  3. LOL, it was a push day for me too. I've been lax in my blogging. But, I feel I had good reason.

    I'm still learning all this stuff. But it's going to be a long time before I post consistently on FB, and I don't really want to Tweet.

    Ah, so much to think over.

    I have an award for you over at my blog.