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Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging Lesson – some techie stuff

Last night my blogging group met at fellow blogger Sandi Baron’s house with her personal techie guy, Jason, to learn more about computer tricks. We are writers, after all, we write. Period. Generally speaking, we don’t do techie stuff. None of us really knows, no care to know, how the mysterious mechanics of the cyber world work. We only know that it all works and that it is important to the success of our blogging endeavors. 

Oh, if only someone would take our words and feed them into the magical web of the internet stuff for us, we would be happy – oh, so happy!

But the truth is, we’ve got to do it ourselves. 

So we asked Jason for help …
… after a delicious dinner and several glasses of wine …

Jason, a tall, young, quiet man with a gentle spirit and a logical mind was truly brave as he worked with four older, A-type women with quirky visions and scattered brains. As he demonstrated how to use all those buttons on blogger’s dashboard on Sandi’s desktop computer, we sat behind him with our laptops and tried to follow along. Adding pictures, changing the design and layout, linking, and understanding the purpose and value of linking were some of our lessons.

A couple of hours later we smiled complacently behind glassy eyes and said “yes, yes, we understand”.
I’m glad it’s a weekend now because I hope to spend some time practicing what we learned. Only then will we really know if we understood or not.

Thank you, Sandi and Jason for the lessons!


  1. PS - I didn't even take pictures to post along with this entry.... I'm a slow learner. :(

  2. I'd thought about bringing my camera, but not knowing Jason, I wasn't sure he'd be comfortable with it. And...I forgot the idea by the time I walked across the room to my front door!

  3. A great description of your glassy eyed type A cronies. It is so delightful learning with you ladies. Now, I too will try to apply what we learned. PS. I know Jason's number by heart. lol