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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Art

This week I got two new painting done by local artist Phoebe Wantz, owner of a new gallery in town called Art and Soul.

I first saw the paintings in May of this year. It was one of those magical moments: I walked in and of all the paintings on the walls, those two jumped out at me and called my name. I had to have them! I made payments all through the summer and finally, this week, I could claim them.

The pictures are beautiful, whimsical, and fun. They describe elements of my own spirit. They now hang in my office adding to the creative essence of the space.

Two of my mantras, 1) support local artists; and 2) nurture the Creative Spirit, are made manifest by this purchase. Having these pictures is a validation of my own creativity. I have them because I spontaneously reacted to the authenticity of the Creative Spirit that lives in me.

The addition to my office d├ęcor is so much more than a choice of wall hangings: it is a growing pulse of self-knowledge, self-honoring, and self-confidence that I steadily gain by being true to who I am: 

I am a writer. 


  1. Those are nice.

    So cool you purchase local artists. I agree, we need to support our constituents.

    Have an awesome week River :)


  2. I was taken away in that gust of wind blowing the skirt on the woman in your new picture. I'm letting myself go down the road on a journey in my mind, lost in thought, no where near my home town, enjoying these moments away!

    I find Phoebe's Art Collection eclectic and very engaging. It's always exciting to see her new dispays of artwork and talent every month.