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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hub update: week 1

My goal was to write one HUB a day every day until Christmas. I got distracted from the very beginning though by also writing articles for Associated Content. Without actually saying that I also aimed to write one article for Associated Content every day in addition to the HUBs, that seemed to be a goal that emerged anyway.

I want to be realistic – set goals that push and challenge me, but that I am also likely to stick with and be able to accomplish. If I’m going to be writing articles for Associated Content, I feel that, like the HUBs, I need to be active in the communities. This is added time and effort. So in essence, I’ve doubled my work. OK, I think I can do it. At least I’m now making the HUBs my number one focus and Associated Content a close second.

In my first week, I managed to get 6 HUBs written and 5 AC articles. I made my goal. Now it’s week 2. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I haven’t yet written any AC articles and no HUBs for this week. I spent Monday morning writing an assignment that was due that day and the rest of the day I was on the road as I went to pick up my daughter at college. Tuesday I went to court in the morning (pending divorce) and spent the rest of the day fighting depression. I wrote another assignment from bed that was due that day.
Today I’ve got to do the grocery shopping and cook for tomorrow… but first, I’ll at least draft 3 HUBs.

HUBs about writing … do I have enough ideas??

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