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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Increasing Traffic

I've made a decision: Hubpages is my current focus.

I am still struggling with the learning cure regarding how to get noticed for my online writing. I’ve got a lot of stuff out there, but what I’m lacking is the marketing promotions to attract traffic. I do alright with my SEO articles written for clients, but those don’t have my name on them, so what I’m doing with those articles is promoting the work of my clients, not my own work.

I have been so busy writing for other people that I haven’t been able to devote my energies to building traffic so I can write more for myself. There are so many “how-to-bring-traffic-to-your-site” tutorials and each one takes me in a whole new direction. What I’ve got is my foot just over the start line of too many races and I’m not even on any specific road!

I’m frustrated and overwhelmed.

So what I’ve done this week is assess and analyze all my starts. I’ve researched and read everything I could find on all the companies, websites, and vague ideas where I have, at one time or another, thought I could find the answers to my questions. I still think they are all good starts, but I simply can’t do them all (not now, anyway). So I ordered them according to my own criteria – basically on a whim. Based on things like how clear the language is, the comments made by other writers within the community, my impression of the founders, creators, and staff, and that ever faithful “gut feeling”, I stacked my options in numerical order according to how well I liked them. Then I chose only one to run with and put the others in the filing cabinet.

Hubpages. This is the winner.

I joined hubpages, jumped into the community discussions, and created a few hubs

Check back often because I’m going to keep a running journal in this blog of what I’m learning and how it’s working out.

My aim is to increase traffic to this blog and to my website. And the purpose of that goal is to increase the income generated by the website.

I’ve been training and I’ve finally signed up for one race. Here I go! Wish me luck!

Another hub example
And here's another


  1. Thank you for the informative post.

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  2. Thank you,Cedric, you'll see me on your website!