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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Contest: Hubalicious!

Here is a cool contest that looks fun and interesting and it is on-going throughout the whole month of June.

Hubpages is having a “Hubalicious”contest – it is all about food! Some winners are chosen randomly through a daily drawing; others are chosen for content and quality by a panel of judges. Either way, the more you write, the better your chances for winning. Great opportunity – and the only pressure is what you put on yourself.

The overall theme is food and each week focuses on a special category. Within those weekly categories, each day has a particular focus. For example, this week (week 1) the category is ingredients, and each day of the week you can write about different kinds of ingredients: today is dairy; tomorrow will be herbs and spices or extracts and flavoring; and Friday will be meat and poultry or seafood. Next week the category is techniques and daily topics include beans and rice (Tuesday), soups and stocks or sauces (Wednesday), and Barbeque and grilling (Thursday). The category for the third week is recipes and the final week is world cuisines.

I think this contest is a really good opportunity to jump-start your online writing exposure and tempts your motivation with cash prizes. You are flexible and free within each daily and weekly guidelines that you can practice writing to a specific assignment without the pressure of a paying client putting demands on your style.

If you haven’t been to Hub Pages yet or don’t have an account, by all means, head on over there now and get started! It only takes a few minutes to set up your account and it doesn’t cost you a dime. That’s right, it’s FREE! So you see, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Once you set up your account, browse around the site to see how it works and read some “hubs” (that’s what they call the articles on their site). Upload a couple of things you have already written (that aren’t published anywhere else) and sent me a note so I can check out your stuff and become one of your fans!

The Hub Pages June contest is well worth your time so check it out. And remember, somebody is going to win $50.00 every day: it might as well be YOU!

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