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Monday, June 28, 2010

Suite 101

Every article I write for clients requires research. The research I collect is always more than I need for that one article however. In addition, in the process of writing, more ideas come to mind and new twists and angles emerge that I simply cannot include in the assigned article due to word limits.

I always think it’s a shame to leave a topic with so many unwritten articles in my head. But I do just that, and I push away the lingering questions – what to do with all those ideas and all that information? What to do with the momentum of the moment?

Fortunately I keep all my research and file it away with my article once it has been submitted. So last week, I was pleased to find a way to utilize the remnants of my work through a new outlet: Suite 101.

Suite 101 is an article warehouse that generates income through Google Adsense. Authors post articles to the site and get pain a revenue from Google. What this means is that although you won’t get paid immediately, you will get paid over and over for the same article! Depending on the topics you write about, how popular they are, and how many articles you post, this could be quite lucrative.

Because I am already writing articles for clients who know what the hot topics are in the market, maximizing my efforts is a no-brainer for me. But even if you are not already writing articles, I want to encourage you to give it a try because it’s a great way to get started and build up your repretoire.

Check it out: Suite 101

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