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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Support Your Local Writers: Strategy #3

A List of DOs

Ask me “how was your day?”
Ask me “is the muse present today?”
Ask me what titles, projects, and subjects I am writing about these days.
Ask me if my clients are paying.
Ask me what is most rewarding or frustrating about my work.

When you call, ask me if this is an OK time to talk.
When you tell anyone what I do, say I’m a writer, because I am.

Understand that although I don’t work in an office with other people, a time clock, and a break room, I do work.
Understand that although my work overlaps laundry and doing dishes, it is a legitimate job.

Respect my time and space: my work time and work space may not look like yours, but you can respect it as you do your own.
Respect my silence: sometimes I simply cannot and should not talk.
Respect my need and desire to talk: mine is a solitary job, so my “down time” is chatter and socializing.
Respect my privacy. I am very open and forthcoming, but only as the result of pampered privacy.
Respect my words, whether you agree with them or not, respect the fact that I have spoken and written them by responding.

Know that I welcome criticism.
Know that I may not alter my work in accordance with your critiques.

Every now and then, tell me I am doing a good job.
Every now and then, tell me not to quit.
Every now and then, read what I’ve written and tell me that you did so.

Do you believe in me? Tell me if you do!

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