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Sunday, July 18, 2010


DL Hammons, author of the blog “Cruising Altitude” is hosting a blogfest. It’s kind of like a writing contest even with prizes! The deadline is August 7th and the only rules are that the word limit is 500 and the focus is on drama – however you interpret that is fine. He has some other ways you can get points that will tip you in favor of a drawing that will get you prizes as well such as tweet about the blogfest or put a note about it in the sidebar of your own blog.

I think this is a great opportunity to aim for a deadline and submit something you write. You can either edit something you’ve already got going or write something entirely new for this event. Whatever you do, just sign up and enter because the more you write and submit your stuff, the better writer you become and the more practiced you are at taking that next step to actually get readers for your work.

Here’s the link – check it out!

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