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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Electronic Balancing Act

Ever feel electronic-ed-OUT?  I sure do! Cell phones, IM, texting, skype, facebook, email, online banking, iPhone apps, electronic calendars, maps, recipes, notetaking, software programs, websites full of information that leads me to other websites loaded with more information, manage this, manage that all electronically … It’s all so cool! And it all makes me crazy at the end of the day. And yet, I go into the next day, still intriqued, consistently striving for more, always moving toward more understanding and more skill. The more I learn however, the more I clutch fervently to my old-fashioned spiral notebook.

We need them both.

Yes, it’s all about balance.

I never thought of myself as a die-hard traditionalist, but perhaps I am – at least when it comes to pen and paper.

Pen and paper keep me from running so fast that I spill over myself 
and tumble down the proverbial hill.
The grip on the pen is the connection between muse and mind; 
the feel of the pen is the connection between nature and man.
The act of writing by hand is brainwork I am not willing to relinquish.
The flipping of page still excites me.
Pen and paper keep me grounded in the art of writing
 – the spirit of creating –
 the process of self-discovery.

Nonetheless, we cannot deny the onslaught of electroncis and their many, many benefits. The Demand Media blog recently had a post by Josh Writer highlighting 5 web/mobile apps that he uses frequently. I thought they were worth sharing:

“… jot down story ideas or business plans on my computer or mobile phone … then automatically syncs the note across my account so I see the same thing whether I’m on my phone or sitting on my laptop…”

“… timers that record how much time I spend writing for each of my clients … generate and send out invoices …”

“… chat and make free  phone and video calls from a single interface …”

“… online budgeting tool … can also tag different deposits with custom categories, quickly allowing me to segregate my freelancing income…”

Find your own balance.

I step on the paper; I step on the electronics; 
back to the paper; 
back to the electronics.
Rooted in the paper, 
flailing in the electronics, 
a walk in the woods, …
 thank God I’ve got my spiral notebook with me!

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