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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Check out PATCH! I first read a review of this online local news publication and then checked out their website. It’s quite impressive!

PATCH, created and sponsored by AOL, is a “hyper-local news initiative”. It started locally (I’m not sure where) and is quickly spreading all over the USA.

I found this publication because I was looking for paying writing jobs (outside my now familiar territory of article mills) and came across a really good resource that I also want to share here – it’s called The WM Freelance Writer’s Connection. This is also definitely worth your time.
But for now, let me tell you a little more about PATCH.

PATCH pays between $50 and $300 per article! Yeah, that sure beats the article mills! They also have a good reputation for both quality articles and respect for their writers. If you go to the PATCH site, you will learn about the company; if you go to one of their publications, you can see examples of their products. For example, I thought this edition of the Honolulu PATCH was really cool.

Unfortunately PATCH isn’t in all 50 states yet and it isn’t in Indiana where I live. Check out the PATCH map to see if there is one in your state. If there is, read some of the articles and decide how you can contribute. If there isn’t, well, you can a) keep your eyes peeled for this publication to arrive locally, or b) be proactive in getting PATCH in your neck of the woods. There is a link on their homepage to learn how to initiate PATCH in your state.

Either way, PATCH is well work looking in to.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

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