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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The FINER Things: An Invitation

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Once exposed to the “finer things in life” it becomes difficult to live without them. I put the phrase “the finer things in life” in quotations because I am well aware that what I define as “finer” others may not see it that way at all.

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There are three “finer” things I crave on a regular basis: 1) a Japanese bath; 2) Negro Spirituals; and 3) drums. 

Having been exposed to these things, feeling fully their tight grip on my soul, I feel a nostalgic longing to once again spirit-soar – that spontaneous flight that is gifted to me by these “finer things”.

When you think of the “finer things in life” you probably think first of decadence and expensive items like champagne and caviar; jaguars and diamonds.

But think again.

What indulgences do you enjoy that are hard-to-come-by and true one-of-a-kind gems?  I’m talking about things that cost no money, but also cannot be created or attained by giving yourself an uninterrupted afternoon full of time.

Free-fall back into your memory and find unassuming moments when you were caught by surprise and taken on a spirit-soar. Those are the “finer things in life”.

Maybe now as we approach the closing of this year it is a good time to contemplate these things. Let me present this as a prompt and an invitation:

Describe one or more of your “finer things” and send it to me
with permission to post it here on the Nitty Gritty of Writing.
You’ll be a featured guest blogger!


  1. You like drums, eh? My daughter is an expert at drums. Let me know if there's a time we can visit her and let her strut her stuff! I love drums too, but in spite of the willingness, I don't have the eye-hand coordination needed for that skill.

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  3. I responded to your invitation by posting a blog on my site. I didn't know how to transfer it to your site. You have my permission to do that if you know how. The prior post was removed because I hadn't thought to give you permission.

  4. What a good prompt River! The finer things are not the things monwy can buy. I believe they are the things money can't buy. Norma touched on the finer things which give life grace. My finer things to me are time. The time in bed before the day starts and the time at days end. This period gives me the finer things of reflection of memories, meditation and the simple breathing air which gives me calm. In years past it was always a rush out of bed and exhaustion late at night. Now I savor the finer things of peace. Post this as you feel you should always with my permission.

  5. I love a good spontanious parade. Where you didn't plan to go, but you certainly did and are surrounded by masses of people enjoying a parade filled with humanity. I always find my spirit soar a time or two watching a parade. My eyes tear at the WWII soldiers proud and bent marching with the young ones...or that special chill of memory when the marching band trumpets by.
    I just watched a holiday themed boat parade..and felt the holiday spirit. There is something about a parade that raises you up to the "finer things".