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Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Intensive in Progress

Here we are! Blogfest participants in action. Check out their new blogs.

Andria's blog: Words From the Parsonage
Andria's blog is about her life outside the parsonage doors.

Sandi's blog: Sandi's Impressions
Sandi's blog is about life lessons and inspirations from God.

Audrey's blog: Crafty Cupcake
Audrey's blog is about handmade cards.

Norma's blog: Scrappy Grams
Norma's blog is about grandmothers reaching out.

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  1. We got the URL wrong on Audrey's blog and I wasn't able to fix it in the editing mode so I'm including it here - Just copy and paste it into your browser to see Audrey's cool new blog: