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Friday, August 13, 2010

Writing Colleagues

Writers need writer friends. We need to tell other writers what we are doing and hear what other writers have going on in their minds and lives. We need to ask questions to writers because only other writers know what it’s like to write. We need to listen to writers. We need to build one another up with words of encouragement and stories of our own persistence.

In most other professions people get colleagues simply by going to work. Writers however, have to make an extra effort to find colleagues and nurture the relationships alone because we go to work alone. We writers covet our alone time and are very hesitant to give any of it up, but we must have colleagues. The rewards of having quality writing colleagues are absolutely priceless.

Here are some tips to help you find writing colleagues
  • Join a local writing group
  • Participate in online writer’s forums
  • Attend conferences and workshops
  • Go to open-mic readings
  • Call/email an author you like and invite him/her to coffee
  • Start your own writing group
  • Give more than you take

Writers do need writing friends. Seek writing colleagues and honor them – their time, knowledge, and their craft. 


  1. Yes yes and yes. Writers are the only people on earth who get that you're crazy.

  2. ...excellent advice. The only kinds of people who can relate to the phrase, "Leave me be...I'm in the zone," are fellow writers.

    On most occasions that line irritates the holy crap outta my wife...but she's learning.

    Glad I stopped by:)