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Sunday, August 22, 2010

SEO = Findability

I want to be found!

When I first started blogging about three years ago, it was more like a little secret I had with myself. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it and I actually worried that someone I knew might somehow find out. I struggled with issues of ego and hid behind self incrimination:

Why am I doing this?
Who’s to say my words matter?
I’m nobody and only nobody cares.
My thoughts don’t matter, my opinions are irrelevant, and my experiences aren’t “cool” enough.

But I did it anyway.

Then I let the secret out. First I told a few friends, then some people in my family. Before long, I was talking about it openly. After a year or so, I posted a few links to my blog on facebook. A few people were reading it, but most were not. By then, I didn’t care anymore – I didn’t care who read it and I didn’t care that most of the people who knew me and knew I was doing it didn’t read it. I just cared about fostering my own passion to write. Though not highly recognized and certainly not very well read, I knew my blog was public and therefore, it kept me aiming for quality work. It also kept me committed to my daily writing practice. That first blog was, and still is, purely personal.

The more I wrote and posted on my blog, the more I learned about blogging in general. As a result, themes emerged and I became anchored on a few specific areas of focus. Eventually I launched the Nitty Gritty of Writing blog to practice blogging professionally.

Now I am finally ready to be found!

SEO articles posted to article directories are my latest focus because the SEO keywords in those articles will bring more visitors to my blog. I want the traffic for three reasons:  
  1. When people leave comments it helps me to find them and I want to find others so I can learn from them and build community; 
  2. I do believe I have significant things to share and I want to help others to learn; and
  3. I want to be found by people who can lead me to the next level in my work.

Yes, SEO = findability 
and I want to be found. 
Don’t you?  


  1. Thanks for stopping by personal blog. I can relate to much of what you said here. My "Life Less Distracted" blog is still my personal one that I guard, but then I started a new blog about writing that will keep me aiming for quality as well. As a professional writer I have much to learn, starting with: What the heck is SEO?? I will google it, you don't have to answer. :) Have you checked out Someone told me that is a great place to get some practice in writing. Anyway, Thanks for sharing your journey in writing! I love seeing people chase their dreams!

  2. yep; sounds like a great plan. And you know what, you'll get there:) You have a beautiful site here.


  3. The connection lines are opening up for you! It does work!