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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Propelling the Dream with Sacred Space

Recently a fellow writer friend wrote about the process of dreaming and imagining and its power to transform and make manifest that which we do not yet have. She described her behavior as “pretending” as she is currently moving into a new venture with her art: Audrey is making some of the most beautiful hand-made greeting cards I have ever seen.

She set up a work studio in her home an das she works late into the night, she practices her “pretending”.

“Buried in all of my patterned paper, glitter and ribbon I pretend to be a successful stationary designer. I imagine that is my creative headquarters – just a satellite of my empire... I pretend that I am designing and creating cards for high profile clients. When the home phone rings during my creative process, sometimes I don’t answer it because I am ‘at the office’” (Crafty Cupcake).

We talked about the importance of her work studio – the space – not only to create the products, but to nurture the dream.

Workspace is sacred space!

So I decided again to post more pictures of my office because te space where I work provided the first surge of power in me to claim the title: WRITER. Declaring that I am a writer fueled the practice and the practice birthed new confidence. Confidence, in turn, provided the guts it took to start this blog, apply for writing jobs, submit to contests and various publications, and to justify my price. All these things happened in my sacred space and propelled the dream.

paintings by my daughter: age 7 and 8


  1. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. The room seems to be working for you. And you look beautiful!

  2. I love those paintings by your creative and talented daughter! I like the idea of sacred work space. Now I want to do that for my scrapbooking! And...I want different wall colors to bring me to my sacred space. Anybody got some ideas for me?

  3. Yeah, the color thing is really wonderful. Glad you like the pictures! I'd be happy to talk to you about colors, but I am not expert!